From Work to Weekend
with our Handheld Messenger

If you’re like us, and you usually keep all your essentials (i.e. your life!) in your bag, things tend to get lost and misplaced when you switch bags. Your favorite lip balm didn’t make the transfer, and where are your keys?! The reason we go through all this hoopla, is because we like the wear the right bag for every occasion: Stylish and sharp for work, but casual on the weekend.

Our Handheld Messenger is your answer to all these problems. A has-it-all, versatile bag that easily gets you through the work week (sharp look, roomy interior, crossbody strap) and happily preps you for the weekend. (The crossbody strap is removable, making it a sleek and slouchy handheld.)

One of our favorite weekend looks stars our new Handheld in Stone. A gorgeous, muted shade that really softens this casual look. The jeans and cashmere/knitted tank give off a stylish, effortless vibe.

From work to weekend, get it done with our Messenger Handheld!