For Mothers By Mothers: Letter from our founder


    This time has not been easy: juggling the demands of work, homeschool, and family has been a huge challenge for us working moms.

    It's all blended together in a hectic mess some days, but I feel that we'll all look back and remember this peculiar moment in time.  

    I'm grateful for the time with my boys since they're still so young. These are such valuable days and having this moment has been a strange and completely unexpected gift.

    With so much of the world on hold and families staying at home, this holiday means just as much as before if not more. We've all had to face new challenges in unprecedented times. We've grown closer to our families, even when staying apart because we've navigated this time together.

    To the mother's who are at home with or without their children, to the new mothers, to the expecting mother's, and to the daughters hoping to be like their mother's someday. The von Holzhausen team wishes you and yours a happy Mother's Day!


    Vicki von Holzhausen