It’s been a while since one color truly dominated the runways, but it’s been impossible to ignore the influx of green everywhere this season. The first signs of the green color trend emerged earlier this year when designers showed their Spring/Summer 2021 collections, and the trend has only become more dominant since. Trend forecasters certainly weren’t wrong when, back in 2019, they predicted green to be the trending color for fall 2021.

There’s a lot you can say about green; it’s the color of hope, rebirth and renewal. It’s a central color that’s tied to harmony and balance. But the most obvious connection, and one that’s never been more relevant, has to be nature.

Going Green and the increasing idea of sustainability in fashion has been taken quite literally by designers. Our hope for a sustainable future, and our goal of creating change, making a positive impact and a meaningful contribution, is reflected in the clothes and accessories we wear.

The green hues act as an immediate reinforced connection to nature that gives us a sense of peace and hope that yes, we can do this. It’s not too late to care about our planet, but we have to act now. As Anna Wintour quite succinctly put it when she commented on the growing shift towards sustainable designs on the runway “These designs are timeless, but timely”.