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    Material Innovators: Anita Vandyke of @Rocket_Science


    As a brand full of Material Innovators, we're a team that strives to use what we have to create something new and eliminate waste in the process. We're constantly inspired by our community of forward thinkers and game changers and we're excited to share that with you.

    Today we're putting the spotlight on Anita Vandyke. Anita has quite the impressive resume and she's using her skills to share her passions. Apart from being a qualified rocket scientist, Medical Doctor (M.D.), and published author. Anita also runs her successful Instagram account @rocket_science, where she shares her zero waste living and educates her followers. We chatted with Anita about how she began her journey to sustainability and got a peak inside her vH bag.


    vH: How did you get started on your journey to a zero waste life?

    My zero waste lifestyle started when I was 26 years old and was going through a 'quarter-life' crisis, I had climbed up the corporate ladder and was a successful Engineering Manager, however despite the monetary success I was not truly happy. I was stagnating in my personal growth and I realized I needed to align to my core values. I turned towards minimalism and zero waste living from people such as The Minimalists and Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home.

    vH: How did you become interested in rocket science?

    As a child I have always looked at the bigger picture! This meant looking at the stars and aiming high. 

    vH: What’s your philosophy when it comes to sustainable living? 

    Sustainability has to be sustainable for you. Just do what you can, when you can. Zero waste living means reducing your waste, but also not wasting your life away. Plastic is mother nature’s non-renewable resource, and time is ours. Let’s not waste either one.  

    vH: Whats in your Zipper Crossbody? 

    It fits all my essentials including my zero waste kit, including a reusable spork, collapsible cup, cloth bag and my handy drink bottle.


    vH: What is the weirdest thing in your bag?

    My collapsible cup! It’s so handy, you can use it for coffee/tea, water and even store snacks!

    vH: What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a zero waste life?

    I have three easy ‘quick wins’:

    1. Replace your disposables with reusables - items such as paper napkins, plastic grocery bags, disposable coffee cups can be replaced with cloth napkins, reusable cloth grocery bags and Keep Cups (reusable coffee cups).

    2. Make secondhand your first choice - whenever you need to buy something, try to see if you can buy it secondhand first. Look at designer consignment stores, try eBay, get a tailor to alter your clothes - make a good effort to try to buy secondhand before buying new.

    3. Head outside! - head outdoors and enjoy doing activities such as hiking, swimming or simply just sitting still and being with nature. By enjoying the outdoors and seeing how amazing Mother Nature is, I have come to appreciate that every step (no matter how small) is important in helping our planet


    Anita Vandyke is a qualified rocket scientist (graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering – Aeronautical Space) and also Medical Doctor (M.D.). She runs a successful Instagram account (@rocket_science) about zero waste living. She currently splits her time between studying Medicine in Sydney, and living with her husband in San Francisco. She regularly blogs about her passions of zero waste switches, minimalism, travel and all things green living at Anita’s second book A Zero Waste Family: in thirty days ($19.99) is published by Penguin Random House, Australia is available in all good bookstores now.