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    Conscious Code Approved:
    World Vegan Day!

    Today, November 1st, is World Vegan Day and we’re celebrating by sharing a few of our favorite vegan products. You know that your von Holzhausen bag is vegan but what about what you put in it? The following items have been Conscious Code Approved:

    Modern Botany Spray Deodorant- The hunt for a natural deodorant is not an easy feat. Finding a 100% natural and Vegan deodorant that works for you is like finding the holy grail. We love this spray deodorant for it’s simple unisex scent made from Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, and Witch Hazel (To name a few) and the brand’s commitment to sustainablity using recycled packaging and glass containers. 

    Cocofloss- Floss, it’s such a small thing right? But this small thing can make a big impact on your hygienic health and a lot of people don’t realize that their floss is made with beeswax. Cocofloss is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and made with coconut oil to soothe your gums.

    Hu Chocolate-  This is an office staple for us at vH headquarters. We can’t let a week go by without some Hu Chocolate. Vegan, Paleo, and so tasty, this chocolate takes some of the guilt out of having a sweet tooth.

    Kosas Tinted Oil- We believe in a minimal approach to all things in life and that includes our beauty routines. With easy 10 second application and formula that is made to hydrate and support the health of your skin underneath it, this vegan lightweight foundation keeps things the way we like them, simple. 

    Herbivore Botanicals Prism Serum-  And while we’re on the topic of skincare we can’t leave out this exfoliating glow serum. Dubbed by one member of our team as  “life changing” this vegan serum brightens your skin while soothing and hydrating.

    Simply Gum & Mints- Another small thing that can make a big impact. Appropriately named, these natural gum and mints are made from just 6 ingredients as opposed to conventional gums that have a lot of hidden artificial substances.