Leather's Dirty Secret: Water Waste & Water Pollution

    5,398 gallons of water. That's how much water it takes to make your average leather bag. That is the equivalent of running your dishwasher 899 times, 67 bathtubs full, or 119 loads of laundry. What’s more, all that water that’s being used as part of the tanning process is also being polluted.


    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged that livestock pollution is the greatest threat to our waterways. Tanning just two pounds of leather requires at least 9 gallons of water all of which becomes polluted in the process.

    In addition, oftentimes this waste ends up getting dumped into waterways. This is commonplace in regions without strong environmental laws and unfortunately those regions are the primary locations where leather tanning takes place, such as China, India, and Bangladesh. 

    Studies have also revealed high levels of chromium (a harmful chemical commonly used in the leather tanning process) in local soil and water which serves as evidence that this toxic chemical enters and accumulates in the food chain. Harming the planet and the people that live there.

    With water being crucial to so many aspects of our society, economy, and basic survival it’s no surprise that the 2020 UN report on climate change stated that “Water is at the heart of adaption to climate change”. 

    Our Technik-Leather uses far less water as our manufacturing uses a wet process that recycles 98% of the water back into it

    Go ahead, save some water and shop Technik-Leather.