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    Alternative Leather At All Price Points: We’ve Got You Covered

    Have you noticed how our mission is accelerating? Innovation and optimism are on the rise! The materials side of our business just keeps getting bigger. We went from handbags and shoes to custom car interiors, and soon we’ll unveil intriguing collabs in new categories, too.

    If you have a Tesla and some extra capital, you can now create your own vehicle customized with our planet-saving Banbū Leather. If that’s not realistic for you, we understand. We have many items under $100 for that very reason. A Credit Card Holder, Micro Bag or Macbook Sleeve in vegan leather helps drive progress, too! 

    Just the way sugar is a sneaky ingredient in seemingly healthy foods, animal leather is hiding in all sorts of consumer goods. Your notebook, your chair, the piping on your jacket, the case for your sunglasses… it’s everywhere! 

    Our real goal has always been to replace animal leather everywhere it’s used. It’s an easy shift that has a powerful, measurable impact on climate change. We don’t even mind the irony of, say, vegan seats on a private jet or in a burger joint. Not only do smaller choices add up over time, they help us change the perception of what leather goods can and should be. 

    On our website, you’ll find lots of items at a sharper price point from watchbands to micro bags. Soon you might even spot our alternative leathers in a big-box store near you. We invite you to dip in wherever you are—and share a pic on Instagram so we can regram your progressive style.