A Sustainable Makeover
    for the Classic Baguette

    The Baguette became a huge cultural phenomenon in the late 90s and early aughts, surpassing being a trendy name bag and becoming an actual style. Like, say, a tote or a shopper.

    We decided to reboot this now classic style, giving it a contemporary makeover. Not just in terms of design, but also in terms of material. We’re living in an era very different from the late 90s. We are dealing with the urgency of climate change. And while the Baguette is a fun style and our design certainly reflects that, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds.

    That’s why our Baguette Bag is made from our sustainable Technik-Leather with LIQUIDPLANT technology (our plant-based topcoat) which significantly lowers its carbon footprint. Our Baguette is just as playful and wearable as the classic Baguette, but with a sustainable twist.

    Surprisingly, perhaps, this seemingly unpractical but fun style is actually quite… practical. It’s small, but large enough to hold your essentials, it’s usually lightweight, you can wear it as a shoulder bag, but the strap is short enough to carry it as a top handle as well. You can literally take it everywhere.

    With the resurgence of many things late 90s, the iconic Baguette is back. And for good, it seems. Fully embraced by a familiar and a new audience, the Baguette has a lot of staying power.

    With our new Baguette we're keeping an eye on the future.