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The Bucket Bag has been around for a long time (it actually dates back to 1932!). Its appeal has always been that effortless look when slung over the shoulder with carefree ease. These days the bucket has come to epitomize a casual chic.

Our bucket bag has all those qualities, and then some. It has matured into a slightly more structured bag, without losing that nonchalant feel. And to perfectly reflect our somewhat hectic and not always structured lifestyles, it is also incredibly versatile and can be worn three different ways:

For city chic bicycle riders and frequent travelers: using the (removable) straps, our bucket can be worn as a backpack.

Those that love a more classic look can wear our bucket as a handheld using the shorter handle.

And then there’s that effortless over-the-shoulder look which our bucket does very well indeed.

Our Bucket comes in three classic shades – black, taupe and caramel – and is sure to make your life a lot easier… and a lot more stylish.