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We are spoiled with great little local eateries and markets here in Southern California, but one of our favorite haunts has to be FARMSHOP.  Conveniently located in the Brentwood Country Mart, FARMSHOP is a restaurant, bakery and artisan market all under one roof.  At FARMSHOP you can get - as they like to call it - a full gustatory experience!  Whether it’s sharing a beautiful cheese platter with friends, enjoying a farm fresh lunch or just swinging by their market for some artisan chocolate, FARMSHOP honors local farmers and artisans.  Our recommendation: share some of our favorite appetizers with your friends.

Try: The Crispy Artichoke, The Cod Fritter, and The Avocado Hummus.

Just take a look at these examples of their delectable fare and try to tell us you’re not convinced : )