When was Hope Gardens founded and what was the original mission?

Hope Gardens Family Center, opened in August 2006, is a transitional and permanent supportive housing campus that gives single mothers and their children and senior women, experiencing homelessness a chance to move out of despair and find sanctuary in a peaceful setting on 77 acres.  Hope Gardens Family Center helps women transition to independence within 12-36 months by offering long term rehabilitation programs, services and spiritual care, designed to support and empower each individual and family.

One of our earliest challenges was to assist in the developing of transitional housing for mothers and their children living in the Mission’s downtown facility and in neighboring SRO hotels in and around the dangerous streets of Skid Row. HG is committed to providing permanent supportive housing for senior women away from the streets of Los Angeles as well.

When people purchase a von Holzhausen handbag, 10% of proceeds will be donated back to Hope Gardens until our goal is reached. Can you help our customer understand a bit more about what their money is helping Hope Gardens to achieve?

At Hope Gardens we serve 23 senior women, 40 women with children, 9 single women and 80 children each day. In total, that’s 880 meals per day served at both facilities. In addition to emergency shelter and food, HG provides recovery programs for women and families — including counseling, education, physical fitness, job training, and transitional housing.

Interacting directly with those in need must be immensely rewarding. What are the services that Hope Gardens provides that you see making the biggest impact?

Recovery of the whole self through spirituality, learning, health, and community.

Why do you believe that helping women in particular is so important?

No woman or child should be living on dangerous streets. It is HG’s goal to embrace all people and to provide them the help they desperately need to transform their lives and become self-supporting.  

Hope is at the foundation of your organization’s mission. What does hope mean to you?

To provide precious people with restoration, transformation and new opportunities to overcome their hurdles and gain independence.

For anyone who wants to get more involved in Hope Gardens, what is the best way for them to extend a helping hand?

You can volunteer or make a gift or financial donation. Whether you are an individual, a small group, or a large organization there are several ways to volunteer, 7 days a week, 6am to 8pm. Visit the website hopegardens.org for more information or contact Monique Johnson, mjohnson@urm.org