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    Meet the Designer:
    Vicki von Holzhausen

    What is your design motto, encapsulated in one sentence?

    Don’t over design! In other words, be pure.

    Your design roots started in the automobile industry. How did you transition from designing cars to designing accessories?

    Automotive design taught me so much about the fundamentals of good design, proportions, quality, and most importantly, how to be innovative in my approach. It was an exciting place to start my career. Even though I truly enjoyed car design, I always longed to take the things I learned there and apply them to fashion. I started with handbags because, for me, they signify the ultimate iconic staple to every woman’s wardrobe.

    What are the main similarities and differences between the two?

    Great cars are meant to last many years and even become more valuable as they age. I think that’s a good way to look at fashion as well. My goal is for our designs to transcend trends and become pieces that our woman turns to time and time again.

    I guess the main difference between cars and our accessories are the wheels!

    How would you describe your own personal style?

    I’m sort of a typical California girl. My style is understated, versatile and comfortable, yet I like the things I wear to be made from quality materials that look and feel luxurious.

    Do you have a daily uniform?

    I certainly do! I like a silk T or button down shirt, jeans, a black or white blazer to dress it up a bit, and some “barely there” sandals or strappy heals. Add a few thin gold bangles, and you’ve got my uniform!

    You founded von Holzhausen with a "do good" approach, donating 10% of proceeds back to women focused charities.  Can you explain why giving back is important to you and to the DNA of the brand?

    The Give Back mission for the brand gives meaning and purpose to our work. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that our products are designed with a bigger vision in mind - to help women in our community in real and quantifiable ways. Our customers love the fact that their purchases make a difference as well.

    Who is the von Holzhausen woman?

    The von Holzhausen girl is elegant and confident, and doesn’t follow trends too much. She shops for quality, refined pieces. She stands out in a crowd by being minimal and subdued.

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