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    3 Questions to Ask When Searching for the Perfect Bag

    So, you’ve decided you want a new handbag. Your current bag has been your loyal companion for a long time now, and you’ve had some good times together. But it’s time for something new. Maybe you’ve been eyeing some gorgeous designs on the runway, or maybe your favorite influencer has been sporting a bag you love. You’ve got the money, but you want to make sure you’re buying the right bag for you. For your needs. A bag is a little bit of an investment, after all. And there are so many options: A big tote or maybe a vegan crossbody. A luxury handbag, or something more affordable. What is affordable luxury anyway? So many questions.

    To make things a little bit easier for you, here are the three key questions we ask ourselves when investing in a new handbag.

    “What are my needs?”

    What will you be using your handbag for the most? Has your office re-opened and you need a big tote for your laptop and other accessories? Or do you have young kids and you’re always carrying snacks, toys and wipes and you could really use a large shopper? Or maybe you’ve discovered you actually prefer something smaller. A bag for all your essentials that’s stylish and lightweight, but unobtrusive. Like a crossbody. Be realistic about your needs. That way you’ll be most satisfied with your purchase long-term.

    How important are sustainability and ethics to me?”

    For us the answer would be a resounding VERY. Sustainability and ethics are important things to consider right now, so do ask yourself that question. Are animal rights important to you? Then a vegan handbag is a great option. Do you also want to lower your carbon footprint? Then make sure the vegan handbag you’re interested in has been responsibly manufactured, and uses only animal-free and sustainable leather, such as our Technik and Banbū leather. This is a great way to make a positive environmental contribution.

    Will the bag stand the test of time?”

    There is no denying it when you’re looking to invest in a new bag; quality, durability and timeless design are important. There is very little point in spending your money on a bag that will fall apart after one year of using it. Not only that, but a bag that lacks in quality and has to be discarded after a year will only add to the already enormous mountain of ‘waste’ the fashion industry generates. You can do your part by choosing something durable and high-quality that you will be able to enjoy for years. A well-chosen timeless design such as our vegan leather handhelds will guarantee you just that.