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    The Best Color Bag
    for your Personality

    You probably know by now that our current collection comes in 5 timeless shades of the finest Italian leather.  But you may not always know which shade works best for you.  That’s why this week we’re exploring our color options and offering some advice on which color to choose based on your personality and lifestyle!

    Black Leather

    Is color virtually non-existent in your wardrobe?  Do you relate more to a New Yorker's sensibility of dressing than that of LA's laid-back style?  Then opt for our classic black bags that will be sure to match every possible outfit combination in your closet.

    Caramel Leather

    Do you love timeless pieces?  Are you drawn to warm hues?  If your wardrobe mostly consists of neutrals and white pieces that are stylish with a warm, soft undertone, then our caramel bags will fit right in.  Caramel is a classic shade with a warm and luxurious edge.

    Denim Leather

    Are you not afraid of a little color?  Do you favor a minimal wardrobe with accessories that pop?  If you don’t shy away from certain trends and like to let your personality shine, then our bold denim leather bags may be the best choice for you.

    Off-White Leather

    Are you comfortable wearing white year-round?  Would you describe your style more elegant rather than edgy?  If you’re drawn to the classics and that certain je ne sais quoi, then our two-toned off white and black leather bags are the timeless classics you’ve been waiting for.

    Taupe Leather

    Are you inspired by natural colors?  Maybe you’ve even been described as a ‘fall type’?  Then you will love our taupe bags.  This is our warmest and most natural shade that looks great with the denim and black items in your wardrobe.

    Whichever shade suits you best, you can't go wrong with any of our timeless hues!