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    Meet our Favorite
    Travel Bag: The Tote

    As any frequent traveler will tell you, there is nothing worse than to start your trip or vacation having to lug a heavy bag at the airport.  And those lightweight nylon travel bags, well, let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly the most stylish accessory.

    This is where out Tote comes in, ladies.  Made out of the highest quality and durable Italian leather, our Tote is your timeless and stylish answer to all travel bags.

    Its classic design, lightweight construction and unique silhouette – our signature knotted leather handles cinch the bag together – make the Tote on of our bestsellers.

    It’s the perfect size to fit all your go-to essentials on any trip, and the Tote works just as well at your meeting the next day.  Available in four timeless shades, the tote can be your travel companion year-round!