Enjoying a top-notch dinner in one of LA’s world-class restaurants used to mean having to venture all the way out to West Hollywood.  Which is why we’re so excited about Cassia, Santa Monica’s award-winning restaurant that has captured the hearts and stomachs of LA’s top food critics.

Located in the heart of Santa Monica just blocks from the beach, Cassia offers Asian fusion cuisine (Chinese, Singaporean and Vietnamese) in a brasserie-like setting.  The vibe is pleasantly loud and lively in the main dining area, which has a raw seafood bar for walk-ins, as well as a traditional bar. However, our favorite area is the enclosed outdoor patio, which has better acoustics and a more intimate feel, so you can actually chat with your date!

Lively atmosphere and people-watching aside, the food is the big star at Cassia.  Chef Bryant Ny (formerly of Mozza fame) serves up dishes for those with an adventurous palate.  Start with the very spicy wontons, which will spice up your evening in the best possible way. We had the pot-au-feu as our main course, which merges the classic French dish with a Vietnamese pho and is an excellent example of Ny’s fusion cooking.  And the sumptuous chocolate banana tart makes for such a decadent finale, you know you won’t regret it ;)

Bon App!