How to Identify
    High Quality Leather

    Our signature soft and slouchy bags are all made of the highest quality Italian leather, and this is something we will never compromise on.  Using the right leather is everything girls! It can make or break a bag. But what exactly qualifies as high-quality leather, and how do you identify it?  Here are four qualities to look out for:

    LOCATION - Great leather starts at the source.  It really matters where the hides are produced, and how they are tanned.  When purchasing a luxury leather article, make sure the leather comes from a reputable tannery.  Italian tanneries are known for their leather tanning expertise and are considered the best in the world.

    TANNING - A beautifully tanned leather hide has an unmistakable finish.  The leather looks rich, has few imperfections and ages beautifully. It actually looks better with age!

    SUPPLE HAND – When looking at natural leather, the hand or feel of the leather should be soft and supple.

    DURABILITY – High quality leather should last.  If treated correctly through the tanning process, the leather should not scratch or discolor easily.

    Our leather comes from one of the best tanneries in Italy, and we guarantee that you will love the soft and supple feel of our bags.  For more information on how to care for a leather bag, see our previous Story “7 Ways to Prolong the Life of your Handbag”.