Finding the perfect leather is probably the most important part in the ‘making-of-the-bag’ process. To create that effortless chic vibe, we only use top quality leather that’s soft and supple, but still has a little structure to make each bag hold its shape.

All our leather is sourced from the best Italian tanneries, with which we've built strong relationships.  At the tannery, the leather goes through a complex series of treatments of which dyeing the leather is the most important one. The dyeing gives the hide its softness, color and durability.  And as you know, our leather is designed to improve with age and wear.

You will also love our ultra thin Japanese suede lining, dyed to our signature off-white color.  Apart from beautifully offsetting or complementing our leather shades, the off-white helps you see items inside the bags more easily.  Lost keys no more ladies!