In line with the general aesthetic of the brand, we have kept the color palette for our current collection fairly minimal. Our bags are available in black, caramel, taupe, off white and denim blue leather.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with these shades.  Our denim blue tote, for instance, comes with black leather straps, and we also opted for black leather straps for all of our off white bags – and they offset so beautifully against the white.  But the most unusual combination is, perhaps, our taupe + black leather.

Some people are afraid to mix these two shades or to wear them together, but we are big fans! Here’s why:

Taupe against a neutral black background gives it a warm, almost radiant glow.

We are not crazy about matchy-matchy in general, and the taupe + black combo is easy to wear and works with most styles.

Pair taupe + black with jeans or a denim blue shirt for an instant classic, elegant and casual chic look.

Take a page out of our look book and have some fun with this color combo!