Finding Design Inspiration:
    Vicki's Top Tips

    Vicki von Holzhausen is certainly not a newbie in her field, but looking at our beautiful bags, you may have wondered how she continues to be inspired and where does that inspiration come from?

    We had a little chat with Vicki and got to the bottom of how her designs come to life!

    One of her main inspirations has got to be Art and Architecture.  Whether it’s books, visiting galleries and exhibits or seeing new works and buildings and exploring cities while traveling (NYC is a favorite), it is a continued source of inspiration for her:  “I especially love architectural interiors these days, and how they use color and materials.”  (Take a look at our Art & Architecture Pinterest board for examples of these inspirations.)

    Another well-documented  source of inspiration is the von Holzhausen woman.  “Just seeing how the customer lives and dresses inspires the collection.”  And it’s hard not to, with all these great women out there and their unique, individual style.

    However, the most interesting part of Vicki’s design process is arguably her experimentation with 3D shapes.  By drawing and experimenting with these shapes, her collection comes to life:  “My inspiration comes as I develop a theme.  I find more unique ideas the more I experiment in my sketches and especially with 3D models since I build all the patterns for each design myself.  Working through the design process is tough work, but it leads to unique solutions.”

    As you can see, design is always a work in progress!