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We’re von Holzhausen, a material innovation company.  We make the best man-made leather and use it on all of our products.

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our mission

Our mission is to make leather extinct.

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our materials

At the core of the brand is our innovative approach to materials. Technik—leather is a material like no other. It captures the essence of premium leather without the negative environmental impact. We’ve reinvented leather for our future because we have one planet. Why compromise?

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The leather tanning industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world.

Livestock production is the single largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, more than planes, trains and cars combined.

Removing leather production from the supply chain moves us towards a more sustainable future by lessening our environmental impact.1

our best seller

This everyday staple carries everything
you need (and then some).

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Collection —

the women’s shoppers

The Technik-Leather Shoppers are made with our 100% vegan and sustainable leather alternative. They can be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody.

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“well designed—pieces that make meaningful impact for the planet and for us.”


““Technik-Leather”—an animal-free, sustainably produced material that’s just as luxe and durable as the real thing.”

“von Holzhausen designs direct-to-consumer handbags that possess an ineffable California cool.”

New York Times

“This vegan leather handbag feels so real PETA might just throw paint on you.”

Fast Company

“…von Holzhausen makes vegan leather luxurious.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“After jobs at Audi and Mercedes-Benz, Vicki von Holzhausen is redefining fashion accessories in a big way.”

Los Angeles Times

“Timeless, American-made bags with just the right amount of structure. They’re perfect for work.”


“We're not kidding when we say this brand's vegan leather shopper has become our go–to for everyday laptop–lugging”